WRK of Arkansas, LLC. - Application Technology & Aviation Insurance is Our Specialty
Application Technology
WRK is involved in a number of field research projects and conducts S.A.F.E. calibrations in a number of states and provinces.  Exposure to this number of aircraft and individual application techniques allows us to pass along those key ideas that really are functional.

WRK attends modeling & regulatory workshops, and participates in a number of adjuvant and drift retardant evaluations annually.

WRK specializes in calibration of spreaders on both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Many new developments in spreader design, setup, and operation have resulted from field testing conducted by WRK.

WRK manufacturers  collectors, develops analytical software, and trains additional analysts on the specific details of dry material spreading. 

Several workshops are conducted annually to assist applicators with fertilizer, seed, dry herbicide and other dry material distribution patterns.

WRK assists spreader manufacturers with on going research and demonstration on new spreader designs and operational guidelines.

History of S.A.F.E.
SAFE History.pdf (PDF — 905 KB)

Aviation Insurance
WRK has 30 years experience with agricultural aviation and Kay Nichols has 30 years experience with insurance.  WRK would like to work with you and the insurance underwriters to provide the best coverage possible.

WRK has access to all the available aviation insurance markets for all your aviation needs:  aircraft, premises, hangars, and support equipment. 

WRK understands that aviators have a lot of agency choices.

WRK will provide the best service possible during insurance acquisition and follow-up when circumstances demand assistance.

We are available anytime to answer questions, provide one-on-one professional service, and work on all your insurance needs. 

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