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WRK Staff
Dennis R. Gardisser, PhD, P.E.
Insurance agent
S.A.F.E. Analyst
(501) 676-1762

Dennis is a commercial pilot, flight instructor, safety counselor, AAA member of several states, Canada, and NAAA, S.A.F.E. analyst and PAASS presenter.  He serves on several national ag aviation committees.  Dennis is a member of the Arkansas Aviation and National Ag Aviation Hall of Fame.

Dennis strives to use his experience to provide realistic, practical and down-to-earth scientific explanations during one-on-one aircraft analysis, explanation of research results, and in a multitude of seminar presentations.
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Kay Nichols
Insurance Agent                
(501) 319-2699

Kay started off in aviation insurance as a receptionist/typist for Commercial Aviation Insurance in 1980.  Kay became an underwriter when Commercial Aviation Insurance moved to Atlanta, GA.  Commercial Aviation Insurance was bought by AIG in 1997.  Kay worked for AIG for three years. 

Kay's experience gives her the qualities needed in a competitive insurance market.

Lynn Baxter
Insurance Agent/Engineering Technician
S.A.F.E. Analyst
(501) 940-4472

Lynn is WRK's insurance agent, office manager, technician, and is the core of all the daily background activities needed to keep WRK's schedule coordinated.  Lynn is a private pilot.  She has worked most of her professional career dealing with application technology - five years in the enforcement section of the Arkansas State Plant Board, two years as a U of A engineering technician and part time technician for WRK.  Lynn is full time and assists with all aspects of WRK's professional activities.