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WRK Products/Services


Below is a list of Products/Services offered by WRK of Arkansas. For more information/details regarding these products and services, please call WRK of Arkansas, (501) 676-1762.  We will be happy to assist you any way we can.


WRK Software

Spray Pattern Analysis

Granular Deposition Pattern Analysis



Cotton String, 2.5 lb roll


3" Metal Spools


Rhodamine WT Dye, 60 ml bottles


Spray Pattern String Analysis Kits


S.A.F.E. Analysis Clinics

Granular Pattern Analysis

Spray Pattern Analysis




Educational Conferences/Meetings

Chemical  Application Efficiency

Equipment Selection/Operation Maintenance


Drift Mitigation

Grain Drying/Storage/Handling

Pesticide Recertification Training

Flight Instruction - Private, Commercial, VFR and Bi-annual flight review


Field Application Research


Application Evaluations to Meet Regulatory Requirements


Consultant/Expert Witness - Application Technology, Drift and Grain Storage



Agricultural Aircraft

General Aviation Aircraft

Agricultural Aviation Facilities

Loading Equipment

Workers Compensation


 AirTractor_SwathWidth recommendations.xlsx (XLSX — 12 KB)



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