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• US$400/hour for case related professional services. A minimum of one hour per month will be invoiced during the duration of activity on a litigation case.

• Professional services will be invoiced at a daily rate of US$3200/day where appropriate – typically full days are during travel for research activities, educational meetings, case evaluation, deposition, and trial.

• A US$3200 non-refundable retainer will be required to initiate action on a case by WRK. Initial case activity will be invoiced against this initial retainer.

• Deposition and/or court testimony fees $6,400/day or any portion of a day.

• Hourly fees for deposition/court testimony will be $600/hr in states where only hourly rates are allowed.

• Payment schedule for educational meetings and other consulting activities other than litigation: ½ of estimated professional fees and expenses at time of booking with balance to be invoiced and due upon completion.

• Professional time will include time spent in activity related travel.

• Professional fees are subject to change without notice or obligation. Expect a reasonable increase ~ January 1 of each year.

• Terms are net 30 – penalties may be applied to overdue payments.

• Case related out-of-pocket expenses will be invoiced at actual cost to WRK. References, copies, demonstration and support materials, and technical assistance will be purchased by WRK as appropriate.

• Either private or commercial air travel will be utilized when more convenient, cheaper, or timelier at the discretion of WRK.

• Private or rental aircraft will be used in case related travel at the discretion of WRK and invoiced at actual cost.

• Itemized monthly invoices will be made during the duration WRK is retained on a case.

• The billing period will begin upon receipt of notice in writing of acceptance of these terms and/or receipt of retainer fee by WRK.

• WRK should be notified promptly when cases are closed.

• Case files will not be closed, and minimum monthly billing will continue until WRK receives a termination notice and final payment is received.

• WRK keeps a full schedule of activities going year round. Scheduling as far in advance as possible for professional services will help avoid potential conflicts for time. WRK will make every effort to accommodate scheduling needs of all clients. Reserved dates will take first priority.

• If dates are reserved, but not used, they will be invoiced at ½ the professional rate above unless cancelled at least 30 days prior.

• This agreement may be terminated by written notification.

• WRK does not keep all closed case file information unless kept on retainer. If a case is closed and later reinstated, all paperwork and/or case information will need to be regenerated.

From the desk of:

Dennis R. Gardisser, PhD, P.E.


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