WRK of Arkansas, LLC. - Application Technology is Our Specialty
WRK Staff
Dennis R. Gardisser, PhD, P.E.
Insurance agent
S.A.F.E. Analyst
(501) 676-1762

Dennis is a commercial pilot, flight instructor, safety counselor, AAA member of several states, Canada, and NAAA, S.A.F.E. analyst and PAASS presenter.  He serves on several national ag aviation committees.  Dennis is a member of the Arkansas Aviation and National Ag Aviation Hall of Fame.

Dennis strives to use his experience to provide realistic, practical and down-to-earth scientific explanations during one-on-one aircraft analysis, explanation of research results, and in a multitude of seminar presentations.
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Lynn Baxter
Insurance Agent/Engineering Technician
S.A.F.E. Analyst
(501) 940-4472

Lynn is WRK's insurance agent, office manager, technician, and is the core of all the daily background activities needed to keep WRK's schedule coordinated.  Lynn is a private pilot.  She has worked most of her professional career dealing with application technology - five years in the enforcement section of the Arkansas State Plant Board, two years as a U of A engineering technician and part time technician for WRK.  Lynn is full time and assists with all aspects of WRK's professional activities.