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WRK Products/Services

Below is a list of Products/Services offered by WRK of Arkansas. For more information/details regarding these products and services, please call WRK of Arkansas, (501) 676-1762.  We will be happy to assist you any way we can.

WRK Software
  • Spray Pattern Analysis
  • Granular Deposition Pattern Analysis
  • Dropletscan

Cotton String, 2.5 lb roll

3" Metal Spools

Rhodamine WT Dye, 60 ml bottles

Spray Pattern String Analysis Kits

S.A.F.E. Analysis Clinics
  • Granular Pattern Analysis
  • Spray Pattern Analysis


Educational Conferences/Meetings
  • Chemical  Application Efficiency
  • Equipment Selection/Operation Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Drift Mitigation
  • Grain Drying/Storage/Handling
  • Pesticide Recertification Training
  • Flight Instruction - Private, Commercial, VFR and Bi-annual flight review

Field Application Research

Application Evaluations to Meet Regulatory Requirements

Consultant/Expert Witness - Application Technology, Drift and Grain Storage

  • Agricultural Aircraft
  • General Aviation Aircraft
  • Agricultural Aviation Facilities
  • Loading Equipment
  • Workers Compensation

Superior support from agricultural aviation experts who understand the technology and needs